Beloit Memorial
Ice Hockey Boys Varsity Schedule    (as of 07-22-18)
Date  Type  Time  Opponent  Location 
11-05-18  First Day of Practice  TBD             
11-29-18  Game  7:00PM  Madison Memorial  Edwards Ice Arena (Telfer Park)         
12-01-18  Game  7:00PM  Madison West  Edwards Ice Arena (Telfer Park)         
12-04-18  Game  8:00PM  Away vs. Middleton  Capitol Ice Arena         
12-06-18  Game  7:30PM  Away vs. Madison East/La Follette  Hartmeyer Ice Arena         
12-11-18  Game  7:00PM  Sun Prairie  Edwards Ice Arena (Telfer Park)         
12-18-18  Game  7:00PM  Verona Area High School  Edwards Ice Arena (Telfer Park)         
12-20-18  Game  7:00PM  Janesville Bluebirds  Edwards Ice Arena (Telfer Park)         
12-22-18  Game  6:30PM  Away vs. Brookfield East  Ponds of Brookfield Ice Rink         
01-05-19  Game  8:00PM  Away vs. Madison West  Madison Ice Arena         
01-10-19  Game  7:00PM  Middleton  Edwards Ice Arena (Telfer Park)         
01-15-19  Game  7:30PM  Away vs. Madison Memorial  Madison Ice Arena         
01-17-19  Game  7:00PM  Away vs. Janesville Bluebirds  Janesville Ice Skating Center         
01-24-19  Game  7:00PM  Away vs. Monroe  StateLine Ice & Community Expo (SLICE) - Monroe         
01-26-19  Game  7:00PM  Sauk Prairie  Beloit Telfer Park         
02-01-19  Game  7:00PM  Away vs. Verona Area High School  Verona Ice Arena         
02-05-19  Game  7:00PM  Away vs. Sun Prairie  Sun Prairie Ice Arena         
02-07-19  Game  7:00PM  Madison East/La Follette  Edwards Ice Arena (Telfer Park)         
02-09-19  Game  3:00PM  Away vs. Oshkosh North  Oshkosh YMCA Ice Rink